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Annapolis Classics

'87 Whiskey Glass - One sided - Crest only

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Deep etched whiskey glass. '87 Class Crest. 

"Time, Tide and Inventory wait for no man/woman." 

These are deep carved, not lightly etched or engraved. Pattern is put in with sand blasting - the best process in the industry in the production of these highly desirable carved custom logo whiskey glasses. The depth and clarity of this engraved crystal whiskey glass is far superior to laser engraved or etched glasses.

Holds 13.5 oz and measures 4.25" tall.

Please take a moment to view the up-close image and take note of the custom bourbon glass depth. Lasers only fracture the surface while sandblasting carves away at the glass.

Note: Glass is solid and can even take the mishandling likely when your Marine friends are on the third round. 

Shipping will be via USPS


6.25" x 9.25"

Care Instructions

Bag will lighten where folds are. Original color can be restored with a heat gun or hot hir dryer. Wax can be reapplied over time.


Full Grain Leather.

Acid free paper.